On Monday, April 17th, each of us will mail the Janesville, Wisconsin office of House Speaker Paul Ryan a postcard — or MANY postcards — each publicly expressing our vast disappointment in him. 


Ryan's craven collapse before the dodgy, dangerous policy initiatives of the new president will not stand. This looming, grinning, morally-bankrupt billboard for Ayn Rand has sold out our country to goons, special interests, and con-artists.


  • So he can savage the Affordable Care Act.
  • So he can roll back the rights and regulations that make America the land of the free and the home of the brave.
  • So he can establish his own political future amid the smoking ruins of the U.S.A.

Not that long ago, Ryan had a spine. Sure, a wretched, neo-con politician's spine, but a spine nonetheless. He called out Trump for being a divisive, dangerous, and morally bankrupt candidate and refused to endorse him.

At least until Trump won. 

And then, just like that, Ryan's spine and his last shred of dignity disappeared.

Ever since, he has stood hip-to-hip with this brutal, inept administration, all in order to turn his Fountainhead dreams into our crushing reality. 

Let's do something about that. Let us, in vast numbers from all corners of the world, overwhelm Ryan with our clear message:

Not going to happen. Not on our watch.