Running with Kobi

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve updated… I skipped over the entire month of November! I guess that was my post-marathon recovery from blogging, right?

Just some quick updates, here are some things that happened in the last month that I probably should have blogged about!

I started Insanity again – I’m at the end of Recovery Week and LOVING the results. No weight lost because my diet is still similar to what it was before my marathon, but I’ve made some changes to help me get to my goal weight. However even without losing weight, I’ve seen incredible results. My upper body is starting to look awesome and I’ve got some hard as steel abs waiting to be uncovered!

I PR’ed in the 15k – I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago, with absolutely zero goals. I pretty much decided to run hard once the gun went off. I ended up setting a PR and placed 19th out of over 13,400 runners! I ran a 53:49, and I didn’t even warm up beforehand! Full results are available here.

I kinda won a local race – I ran the Turkey Trot 10k the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I was actually 2nd, but the kid ahead of my registered under a fake name and as a female—“Jane Brown”. For those of you wondering why he did it, it was because he was worried that running the race would disqualify him from competing in IHSA XC and Track. That said, it was an absolutely idiotic and selfish thing to do, it was totally unnecessary (he would not be disqualified from anything anyways), and it caused a huge headache for the race organizers. I took home the trophy for 1st place overall but MOST IMPORTANTLY I also got a $25 Target gift card. That’s what really counts.

For future reference, times when it is okay to register for a race as the opposite gender: never. This is especially true if you’re going to win the race.

Anyways, back to the reason I decided to actually update today. I had the MOST amazing run with Kobi this morning. I’ve started running with him regularly after my marathon. He even has his own Dailymile account, which thanks to a retweet from Runner’s World, has received over 500 visitors (but not many friends yet!) I feel like every time I run with him, our bond gets better and he becomes maybe slightly more obedient.

This morning we set out for a six mile run. The first mile with Kobi is always interesting, as it includes at least a dozen stops to potty, fertilize the grass, or sniff some random spot or object. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize we are supposed to be running at this point. Once we get all that done, we can usually settle in by the second mile. Well, this morning we ran across another person running with his dog off-leash. Although his dog is obedient, it was very exciting for Kobi and he ended up trotting sideways so he could look back at the other dog while I kept running. This definitely slowed us a bit.

Once we get to about the two mile mark, I usually let Kobi off his leash and he runs like a madman all around the road and dog park. Since the road to the back of the park is closed, there are no cars, and I have yet to see another person utilizing this stretch of trail this early in the morning. It’s pretty much our playground. I was finally able to settle in to a decent pace, and I noticed that since I was going pretty quick, Kobi didn’t want to stray too far from me. Usually he’ll stop to sniff or explore, and then run at full gallop to catch up. If I’m running fast, that’s a lot of work for him!

I hit the three mile turn around and called Kobi so he would know I was headed back. This is when the most amazing thing happened: he actually ran with me for about three-quarters of a mile. Even though he was off his leash, he ran right next to me or a few steps ahead. He actually started to pick up the pace a few times and I sped up a little bit to stay a step behind him. My dog actually pushed me to run faster! Of course once we got back to the open park road he took off running full speed again.

I put Kobi back on his leash for the last two miles but he still seemed to want to run fast. Since he was doing well with it, I kept up the hard pace. He started to fade a little bit towards the end of the run but I kept encouraging him to go faster. Luckily we were alone, because I’m sure some people would have thought it was weird to hear me telling my dog, “keep it up”, “finish strong”, or “we’re almost there buddy”!” Yes, I actually encourage my dog near the end of our runs! I’m not the type of person who speeds up near the end of the run then slows down, so if he picks up the pace I make him stick to it!

Despite our slow first two miles, our pace was pretty quick. 6:24 average! Splits were 7:38, 6:47, 6:23, 6:03, 5:55, and 5:34… Kobi’s first sub six miles! Of course, he handled them with ease, although he was galloping in a few spots. As we were passing the campus housing, he was pretty much in a full gallop and two college students yelled out “nice dog!” as we went by.

Of course as soon as we got home it was time for Kobi’s post-run treat, which is definitely his favorite part of the run. I gave him a bully stick today as an extra special treat! If you’re wondering what that is, you probably don’t want to know, but I assure you they are Kobi’s favorite treat! I’m hoping this morning’s run followed by lots of chewing will leave him passed out on the bean bag for most of the day.