Jordan Trump, Spectator Extraordinaire

You may have seen yesterday’s On To Chicago post about the Chicago Marathon this weekend. If not, I’ll summarize: my girlfriend is running the Chicago Marathon, and I can’t run it with her since registration closed like a year ago (actually, I think it filled in March).

This is a totally new experience for me! Not only have I never had a runner girlfriend, but I’ve never been to such a huge race to support someone else’s running. And I just want to say I am SUPER excited. I’ve been thinking about this trip for well over a month. Since I’m slightly experienced at running Chicago (okay, I only did it once), I feel I can offer some help in planning the trip. So I’ve gone to the extreme to try to work out every detail for her.

I think she’s been a bit too focused on the race itself to think about the other stuff, so I’ve done what I can, from researching hotels, planning when we’ll leave, what she’ll eat for lunch (her choice, of course), when we’ll get to the expo, what she wants for dinner the night before, the best way to travel the 2 miles to the race start, whether we can get late checkout at our hotel (thanks to my important on Twitter, we have been extended an hour Winking smile), and where we will meet afterwards. Whew! That’s a lot of planning!

I am definitely most excited for the race itself though! It was such an awesome experience last year, but I was very focused on qualifying for Boston (didn’t happen) and ran with headphones the whole way. Honestly, I wish that I had taken the opportunity to experience more of the race. Sure I could hear the crowds cheering and see the buildings around me, but I barely remember anything but bits and pieces of the race because I was in the zone!

Since the race is in a loop downtown, I will for sure be running from point to point to cheer on Kendall in as many places as possible! Even though my marathon is in just two weeks, I’m not afraid to put in some mileage to be the best supporter ever. I imagine I’ll probably end up doing at least 11 miles, especially if I get the chance to run with her doing the race. I’m pretty sure that’s not technically allowed, but I’ve had some friends tell me they’ve done it and I feel like it would be very beneficial if I could run some of the last few miles with her.

To everyone else running the Chicago Marathon, or any other race this weekend, GOOD LUCK! If you’re running Chicago, let me know so I can creep you with runner tracking and yell at you if I manage to spot you!