There is a short answer, a medium length answer,
and a longer answer that involves some math.


SHORT ANSWER: More than enough.


MEDIUM ANSWER: We set out to activate an action group of international, committed, passionate resisters and to motivate them to flood the White House with postcards. In both goals we were successful beyond our wildest dreams. Heads still spinning over here! Just looking at the constant and growing flood of participants tells us that a million cards is a reasonable guess.


LONG ANSWER: Ahem. The White House is under no obligation to release any data to the public concerning mail to the President. Some people have taken photographs of their cards and posted them to social media in a way that we can roughly track — but only roughly, as many people posted photos of tens or hundreds of cards, only some of which they reported accurate counts on.

Many others sent us private messages asking to be counted in the final tally as they could not for various reasons share their images or names publically. Speaking frankly, we also were far from having the people power to keep an accurate log, which would have involved creating a database and confirming against duplicate entries across social media channels, etc.

But we can tell you this:

There were, as of noon on 3/16:

22,000 follows of our Facebook page and

53,000 who marked themselves interested or attending on our Facebook Event page.

9,115 people who signed up to our mailing list

5,093 Instagram posts tagged #TheIdesOfTrump and

2,396 tagged #TheIdes

3,274 Twitter followers and

2,226 mentions for a reach of

708,227 people plus inclusion in the top trending topics on 3/15

Leaving aside Pinterest, private messages, Twitter reach (which is nice but inconclusive) and other channels, that gives us a total number of about 97,000 people. Certainly some of those people are counted twice or more, but then certainly an equally large number of people were enlisted to the cause by family, friends, or kindly strangers and never engaged with us on any social media channel. So I’m going to call 97,000 as fair enough a starting point as we’re likely to get.

Now, of those 97,000, many sent a single card but others sent in as many as 1,000. If we roughly say that the average was about 10 cards each that gives us… a million cards.

So. If you’re the kind of person who will feel better with a number, the number we’re putting out there is a million. If we fell short of that (or soared far higher), we’ll leave it to the White House to present their mail logs (and taxes, and debt holding statements, and private communications with Russian hackers) to prove us wrong. The only antidote to FAKE NEWS is FACTS.

In the absence of facts, we extrapolate as best we are able and press on.

That leaves us with only have one question. Who’s in for round two? Because in April we’re going to say hello to a guy who’s having a bit of a hard day: Paul Ryan.

Stay tuned for details, coming as soon as we can!