How many cards did we send to the White House on 3/15?

What happened to all the postcards? Where's the coverage?








When do we mail our postcards?

All the postcards, by law, were delivered as long as they met USPO regulations. In the case of the White House, that means they got sent to a warehouse, where WH staff sorts, logs, and reviews mail for the president — just as they did for Obama, W., etc. From there, we can't say for sure. Obama wanted to see some mail every day and a report of what people cared to write about. Trump may as well, but we doubt it. But that's not important. What's important is that we came together in a HUGE way, sent at least a million cards, and proved ourselves a force to be reckoned with, getting good coverage for a new political action campaign amid a bunch of other, excellent, important campaigns.

As for coverage of the postcards arriving and an official count of cards, we didn't and don't expect either. We're going to try to contact the Office of the White House Staff Secretary and demand that they release the number of postcards received and/or start a petition. If you're game to captain either charge, PM us. Lots to do over here already!

While we appreciate that having all the postcards arrive on the same day would be most dramatic — and effective — it is logistically impossible to make that happen, particularly when you consider the international nature of this campaign. 

For that reason, we ask everyone to mail their postcards on the same day — April 17, 2017. They will arrive in a wave over the next days and weeks.







Maybe! We started with the Ides of Trump and sent a million postcards to the White House. Now we're mailing cards to Paul Ryan for Round 2: The Taxing of Ryan. 

Once a month we'll launch a new campaign, with a new recipient of our attention named.

We will not mail to media representatives or people we wish to thank because receiving a million postcards isn't a gift — it's a hassle at best. We encourage you to thank people who are supporting the resistance individually and not in a flood.

We will not mail to the spouses or children of politicians because they did not run for office, and we are not comfortable assuming spouses and children necessarily agree with their partners or parents. Plus, making someone's spouse or child uncomfortable is not a productive or civil way to accomplish anything.

Our goal is bring about change. We will ask where we can best apply pressure and act accordingly.  

We are working on producing official Taxing of Ryan cards, so stay tuned. Until then, use any card you like. We encourage you to make your own or to purchase cards from those who give 100% of proceeds to charity. Anyone who is selling Ides of Trump or Taxing of Ryan cards — and the link to those cards isn't found RIGHT HERE — is not affiliated with us in any way and we do NOT vouch for them. 

Write on the cards whatever you wish. For The Taxing of Ryan, we encourage you to start each card with the phrase "Remember when..."; to include "#TheIdes" somewhere; and to write "This card was matched by a donation to {whomever you donated to}". We are working on setting up a fund to support whoever challenges Paul Ryan in the 2018 election and all proceeds from cards purchased through us will go to that fund.

Once we get it running, we encourage you to donate to that fund as well. This will give Ryan a financial reason to take his newfound flood of mail seriously. 

Please DO NOT write or depict anything violent or encouraging of violence. 

Which Postcard and/or message should I use?

Shouldn't We pick one Issue to write about?



We are all getting behind the idea of Paul Ryan no longer enabling Donald Trump's administration or having  a future in politics. The specifics of why you think this is a good idea is up to you as is how you choose to share it. 

Ya'll came up with some seriously — SERIOUSLY — awesome cards last time. Don't let us get in the way.

Can I contribute postcard designs?

We hope as many as possible will use our official cards as part of this campaign, but since those aren't ready yet... if you want to create your own witty, passionate, creative cards, that's great. If you want to share your designs for free download, or make them available with 100% of proceeds being donated to a recognized non-profit, that is also good.  

Anyone selling Taxing of Ryan or Ides of Trump materials for profit is not affiliated with us in any way. All links to official Taxing of Ryan or Ides of Trump materials will be found on this site. If it's not on here, it's not us.

Watch out for people looking to make a buck off political turmoil. That's gross. 

Who's Behind this effort?






You are. Every last one of you.

Someone had the idea and others stepped up to help, but millions of postcards need to be written by millions of people, or none of it matters. 

There are just three of us — all with full-time jobs, and families, and obligations. If you wonder why we don't do X, Y, or Z, it's probably because we don't have the time.

If you have a suggestion for how we might get something done, we encourage you to ask if you can take the lead on it. We are not professional political activists. We're just folks, like you.

What are the postcard regulations?

Glad you asked! 

Please see the following USPS info page (if you're mailing from the U.S.A.) before you create your own postcards.

Do I need to include a return address?



No. Postcards do not require a return address. (see: 

If you choose to include your return address, you may get a form response.

If you are a constituent of the person we are mailing to this month, including your name and zip code will ensure your card receives a higher level of attention. So if you're comfortable including that information, please do so.