The Ides of Trump are upon us! Join us for a pink slip postcard writing party this Sat., March 4 where we will each write a postcard or two to be sent to the White House that publicly expresses our vocal opposition to the new President.  We, in vast numbers, from all over the globe, will overwhelm Washington once again! 

We invite people to write personal messages, by hand, from the heart. Thanks to a generous donation from Indivisible Collier, (IC), volunteer, Margie Stein, IC will provide pre-printed postcards at a cost of just 3 cards for $1 (cash only please). We will include postage for the cards for you. If anyone would like to help sponsor a part or all of the ($50) costs for stamps or provide/donate stamps for the event, would be a great help and much appreciated!

Please RSVP

Golden Gate Community Center Room B• 4701 Golden Gate Parkway , Naples, FL 34116