On to Chicago!

This weekend, I’ll be headed to Chicago to watch the 2011 Chicago Marathon!!! Yay!!!

cm_thumbAlthough I would love to run it again, I did not sign up this year because I did not want to pay the travel expenses. It turns out that my my girlfriend Kendall is signed up to run it, and I have been helping her train for the past couple months. We only started dating in July, and of course you have to sign up in March, so this wasn’t in my mind when registration closed.

Oh well, I am actually very excited to go up there and watch her run and support her. I am planning on running ALL over the race course to see her at various points in the race, and I’ll probably join her for the last 10k or so. I just hope I’m able to find her in the massive crowds!

This will be her first marathon, and I think she is totally ready. The crazy part is that just two weeks later she is going to be running her second marathon (I’ll explain later)! I hope she has a blast in Chicago so she’s pumped for Rock n’ Roll St. Louis on the 23rd!…

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