The 8 Biggest Myths of Dieting That You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore

Obesity is seldom appreciated. And the world we are living in today is always hungry for appreciation. So, dieting becomes a good option for the obese. They take their first step towards weight loss without having much insight into the concept.

In fact, most of what you might already know about dieting could be a myth. Here a few myths about dieting that you should not believe anymore:

1. Weight Gain Can be Attributed to High-Calorie Foods

You won’t believe this at first, but it’s a myth. There is no doubt that continuous consumption of high-calorie diet would lead to additional pounds on your body but indulging in controlled consumption of such diet does no harm.

From a weight gain perspective, it will take about 3600 calories for you to gain aroud 4.5 pounds. Therefore, feel free to satisfy your cravings here and there, but ensure that you do not keep yourself exposed to such high calorie on a regular basis.

2. The Best Way to Lose Weight is Going on a Diet

Making temporary changes to your diet plan would only help you achieve temporary results. Think of something more advanced, more contemporary, such as the Noom Diet Plan in your pursuit of losing weight. It is amazing how people have followed this diet and achieved amazing results.

Basically, your diet plan must be such that it can be followed regularly. Otherwise, there would be absolutely no use of having the same. Once you have a plan that is reasonable and followable, you would obviously want to stick to it until it gives you results.

3. Dinner After 9 pm is Equivalent to Committing a Sin

Most dieticians you come across would recommend having an early dinner. Yeah, it is true that the human body’s metabolism slows down in the night, but that does not mean you must never have anything post 9 pm. Or you can try meal replacement shakes. 18 Shake has the best reviews of any meal replacement shake online.

If you have an early dinner (say at about 8 pm) and still feel hungry post 9 pm, you can always grab a bite. This would take care of your hungry without adding any pounds to your body. However, overdoing the same might not mean well for you. Everything must be done within limits.

4. Fasting helps you lose weight faster

Although fasting promises immediate results, however, in the long run, it can hinder your weight loss process. There are many organizations that may aid your desire to lose weight. We mentioned how Noom is a great weight – loss and wholesome fitness aid. You might want to check out how Noom stacks up vs. weight watchers to gain a better perspective.

Besides this, exercising is always recommended in any weight loss program such that you can build muscle and still maintain your metabolism. Also, it would help you remain active through the day thereby keeping you on the edge, always.

5. If you have a slow metabolism, you can’t lose weight

This is one of the biggest myths related to weight loss you can ever come across. Our bodies use up calories even when we are at rest and studies have proven that the rate at which our body uses up calories increases as we become fatter.

In fact, we must welcome the use of technology products to help us achieve our goals. The important bit is to choose the right technology. The Noom vs Weight Watchers comparison we mentioned earlier provides valuable insights. The main thing to note here is that having the correct information on which fitness partner to chose and take you a long way.

6. Eating less can help you gain weight

This belief has existed for many years now. However, its trueness is questionable to some extent. Eating in short intervals boosts metabolism thereby aiding weight loss. But since most people are not aware of this, they end up believing the myths.

Such myths are best ignored or inquire more about. Having limited knowledge about a subject can be dangerous, knowing the reality only helps do the right thing.

7. Food with low-fat content can help lose weight

Fat-free or low-fat food does not imply that they are calorie-free. Most packaged food items contain extra sugar or thickeners to enhance texture and flavour. Thus, even though they are marketed as low-fat food then can actually cause a lot of harm to you. Here is a study that talks more about this.

For awareness, low-fat food must not contain more than 4 grams of fat per 100 grams. This should help you gain some perspective. Overall, excess of nothing is good and that applies to even consumption of food with low-fat content. However, consuming weight loss foods can ensure you don’t add more pounds to your body.

8. Cholesterol is your enemy

As you might already know, Cholesterol is a fatty thing made by liver. It is dangerous enough to block our arteries through various deposits. Such clogged arteries often lead to heart problems. Most people believe this and that is it.

However, very few know that there are two kinds of cholesterol:

  • Good Cholesterol
  • Bad Cholesterol

The good ones are responsible for making important hormones and build cells. If we don’t have appropriate amount of cholesterol in our body, we might miss out. Thus, unsaturated fats such as seeds, nuts and vegetable oils are good for your health and must be welcomed.

Wrapping up

Overall, the ambition to lose weight is not bad. In fact, keeping your weight and health in check is always a good idea. There is nothing bad about having a good physique, strong stamina and metabolism that can help you get through your days well.

However, the mere idea or plan won’t change anything. You must get up and get going to achieve your fitness goals. And as you do that, you must remain aware of the above 8 myths that may have otherwise misguided you.

Also, having the right digital weight loss coach can make life much easier for you. Technology can aid almost every aspect of human endeavour and weight loss is no different. All you must do is look up, become aware and adapt. And ultimately, your dream body would not be very far.